Media Release

21 September 2018

Hodgett-Victoria: Dangerous Heathmont Bridge to be made safer for pedestrians under Liberal plan

Friday 21 September 2018

Dangerous Heathmont Bridge to be made safer for pedestrians under Liberal plan

Canterbury Road is bursting at the seams. More and more pressure is being added to one of the busiest roads in the electorate.

That’s why an elected Liberal Nationals Government will replace the lightweight pedestrian safety fence on the Canterbury Road Bridge in Heathmont, with much stronger barriers.

Since the Andrews Labor Government narrowed Mountain Highway in Bayswater, traffic volumes and accidents on Canterbury Road in Heathmont have increased. Of most concern is that the pedestrian safety fence on the bridge is regularly destroyed by cars, and frequently replaced.

The Heathmont community is understandably concerned that someone’s luck may run out with the next accident.

Local Member, Heidi Victoria first mentioned the issue in Parliament in May, and a petition bearing over 400 signatures asking to replace the fence has been tabled. The matter has been raised in Parliament four times in the last year, but the Andrews Government has refused to act.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure, David Hodgett:

“These pedestrian safety improvements are important to local residents who want their surrounding roads to be safe.

The credit for this funding belongs to the local community and Heidi Victoria who have worked together and made the case for this important safety project.”

Comments attributable to Member for Bayswater, Heidi Victoria:

“It is clear and understandable that the Heathmont community are concerned about their safety when crossing this bridge.

We all remember the frightening truck accident that occurred in Heathmont a year ago. Action is required before we see another one, but the Andrews Government refuses to act.

I have spoken with many local residents who are deeply concerned about safety along this busy and dangerous road and I am proud to announce that a future Liberal Nationals Government will deliver this much needed safety project for the Heathmont community.”