Media Release

29 January 2016

Hodgett: V/Line crisis

Friday 29 January 2016


V/Line crisis

Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan need to stop passing the buck and take responsibility for fixing their V/Line crisis.

The first step in fixing this crisis is for the government to be honest with Victorians about the extent of the problem.  That’s why Jacinta Allan should accept the invitation from Josh Morris, as the Chair of the Economy and Infrastructure Committee, to appear before the inquiry into Infrastructure Projects to explain the ongoing V/Line crisis.

Daniel Andrews also needs to be honest with Victorians about this issue and take responsibility for fixing it.  Blaming others and passing the buck won’t fix the problem and won’t help regional Victorians stranded at rail stations and relying on V/Line services.

It is no wonder Victorians are losing confidence in Daniel Andrews when they hear reports that his MPs are fighting and blaming each other about the V/Line crisis.  A government at war with itself is a government not focussed on working for Victorians.