Media Release

20 January 2016

Hodgett: V/Line crisis

Wednesday 20 January 2016


V/Line crisis 

Daniel Andrews must immediately release to the public copies of all safety warnings the government has received about the V/Line and boom gate failures.

Victorians should be rightly upset that these safety warnings have been kept secret till now.

Over the last year Daniel Andrews has tried to gloss over the chronic issues and disruptions to V/Line passengers with timetable changes, but issues about passenger safety need full disclosure.

It is clear the Andrews Labor Government is clueless about the full extent and impacts of this safety issue.  Yesterday, James Merlino declared that we had seen the worst of the cancellations. Today, we learn it has got worse with even more cancellations.

This government is either lying to Victorians about the extent of the problem or they are incompetent.  Or both.

The buck stops with Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan.