Media Release

07 March 2018

Hodgett: West Gate Tunnel

Wednesday 7 March 2018

West Gate Tunnel

The West Gate Tunnel is a dud project that will result in motorists in the east, south east and north paying much higher tolls for longer.

It is not fair that families in Melbourne’s east, south east and north have to be hit by higher tolls and taxes just to get to work.

As part of this special deal with Transurban, commuters would be charged a city access tax to enter Melbourne’s CBD.

Citylink motorists would be hit by toll increases beginning in 2019 at a much higher rate. In addition to this, Citylink users will now be tolled for an additional decade.

This deal is a multibillion dollar gift from Daniel Andrews to Transurban at the cost of Victorian motorists.

Today, the Liberal Nationals and members of the crossbench passed a motion in the Legislative Council to disallow the planning scheme amendments for this truck road because the project simply doesn’t stack up.

Daniel Andrews’ own transport experts have questioned the modelling the government has relied on for this project.

Before the contracts were signed, the Liberal Nationals wrote to Transurban to advise them of serious concerns regarding the project and the intention to vote against the planning amendments before the Parliament.

Daniel Andrews should respect the decision of Parliament and not condemn Citylink motorists to billions in extras tolls that will hit family budgets.