Media Release

24 April 2015

Davis: Is your council arming the ASU to defeat Andrews’ rate capping?

Friday 24 April 2015


Is your council arming the ASU to defeat Andrews’ rate capping?

The ASU has written to all Victorian municipalities seeking budget information to inform its attack on the Andrews Labor Government’s rate capping policy.

The ASU letter says “cost shifting from State and Federal Governments onto Local Government and ratepayers is a major cause for what the current State Government describe as ‘excessive’ rate increases”.

Cost shifting from the State to Local Governments was however deliberately excluded from the Essential Services Commission’s Local Government Rates Capping Framework Terms of Reference.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Local Government, David Davis:

Daniel Andrews’ rate capping policy is under attack from his own union, but then Daniel Andrews was never honest with Victorians about its impact.

His rank populism comes at a cost – reductions in local government services and employment and deteriorating local infrastructure.

The ASU knows the brutal truth is Daniel Andrews’ rate capping policy will see Victorians currently employed in local government lose their jobs.

Families and businesses should not be hit with excessive cost rises but this won’t be helped by Labor’s cuts to State Government funding or the addition of new public holidays.