Media Release

12 December 2017

Katos: Tax on motorist in the west

Tuesday 12 December 2017

Tax on motorists in the west

Motorists in Geelong and the western suburbs will be hit with a city access tax under Daniel Andrews’ new plan.

Before the election, Daniel Andrews never mentioned this would be a toll road for cars. In fact, he described his then $500 million project as full funded and “shovel-ready”. Since then the project cost has blown out to $6.7 billion and now with hefty tolls.

Daniel Andrews has given Transurban the ultimate Christmas present and has sent the bill the motorists.

Cars driving from Geelong and into the CBD will now pay a $4.84 city access tax on top of the $3.02 toll when using the West Gate Tunnel during the morning commute.

Tradies coming to work in their utes will end up paying $12.58 in combined tolls and tax when using the tunnel.

For the privilege of entering the city, Daniel Andrews will now tax you.

Ever truck using either the bridge or tunnel will now be tolled.

Higher tolls, longer tolls, new tolls and a city access tax. That’s what Daniel Andrews has signed us up to.

This is the same Premier who paid $1.3 billion not build the East West Link, now we’re seeing him slugging Geelong and western suburbs motorists a city access tax and CityLink motorists with a $15 billion toll extension.

The Liberal Nationals have made it clear we will honour any Victorian Government contracts legally entered in to.