Media Release

14 September 2017

Kealy: Labor’s real agenda on injecting rooms

Thursday 14 September 2017

Labor’s real agenda on injecting rooms

Reports today a member of Daniel Andrews’ Government is calling for suburban injecting rooms for drug addicts shows Labor’s real agenda.

Labor MP Geoff Howard has belled the cat on Labor’s plan to introduce drug injecting rooms, even after a Parliamentary Inquiry into drug injecting rooms did not recommend they be established in Victoria.

There’s little doubt that once Labor puts an injecting room in Richmond, they will inevitably pop up around Melbourne’s suburbs and in regional Victoria.

Since Daniel Andrews was elected, drug use has escalated, drug-related crime has skyrocketed, and drug treatment wait lists have blown out to more than a year.

Many lives have been lost to drugs due to the Andrews Labor Government failing to act to end Victoria’s drug crisis.

For every life lost to drug overdose, there are family and friends left devastated with a lifetime of grief ahead of them.

Only the Liberal-Nationals have a plan to tackle the drug epidemic through targeted education, better access to drug treatment and bringing down the drug kingpins that prey on some of the most vulnerable people in our community.