Media Release

29 June 2018

Kealy: “Trust me, my name is Daniel Andrews.”

Friday 29 June 2018

“Trust me, my name is Daniel Andrews.”

Daniel Andrews has a problem with the truth.

Daniel Andrews went to the election on a ‘no injecting room’ policy and said less than year ago “I know there are some who would like us to go further but I have been very clear on this I have no intention to change our policy on this”.

Daniel Andrews back flipped on this and less than 100 days ago he was forced to reveal he was allowing Ice.

In a week’s time Daniel Andrews will open an Ice injecting room less than 40 metres from a primary school.

Now Daniel Andrews is asking Victorians to trust him when he says he has no plans for injecting rooms in Ballarat, Frankston, Eltham, Geelong, Mentone and Mordialloc.

Daniel Andrews lied about an Ice injecting room then and he’s lying about more Ice injecting rooms now.

How can Victorians trust Daniel Andrews to keep our community safe when he’s been caught out lying about Ice injecting rooms so many times?

Only the Liberal Nationals will shut the North Richmond facility down and ensure there are no Ice injecting rooms in our suburbs and towns.