Media Release

03 March 2015

Hodgett: Little Certainty in Daniel Andrews’ Train Announcement

Tuesday 3 March 2015



29 October 2014: Daniel Andrews issues a media release committing to buy 30 new Metro Trains and 20 new VLocity V/Line Carriages.

Daniel Andrews trumpets this as an $800–$900 million election promise.

Daniel Andrews also promised to “deliver certainty and a pipeline of work to the industry”.

9 November 2014: Coalition commits to 72 carriages a part of the biggest rail package order in 30 years.


Quotes Attributed to David Hodgett MP:

“Daniel Andrews promised 30 new trains but is only announcing just five.

“Drip feeding orders for new trains continues the uncertainty for Alstom workers and Ballarat.

“While the purchase of five trains from Alstom is welcome, it will only plug the short term work gap for Alstom and Ballarat.

“Yet again, we see Daniel Andrews say one thing before the election, and do another thing after.”