Media Release

05 October 2016

McCurdy: Regional Victoria misses out in Dan’s infrastructure report

Tuesday 4 October 2016

Regional Victoria misses out in Dan’s infrastructure report

Daniel Andrews’ handpicked infrastructure advisors have failed to identify opportunities for Regional Victoria.

It is not good enough that only 11 of Infrastructure Victoria’s 134 recommendations are aimed at regional Victoria.

The recommendations that are included for regional Victoria are underwhelming, like the proposal to improve long-distance rail within the next decade.

This year’s V/Line disaster made it blatantly clear to anyone who uses of regional rail services that we need upgrades now, not in a decade’s time.

Daniel Andrews is a city-centric Premier who runs a city-centric Government, and his handpicked infrastructure advisers appear to have followed his lead, prioritising metro Melbourne ahead of our regions.

Even Daniel Andrews’ own citizens’ juries say the infrastructure plan is dominated by a “Melbourne-centric approach” (Source: Infrastructure Victoria’s Your Considered Opinion, p22).

Regional Victoria has been fighting for a fair share of funding and investment ever since Daniel Andrews took over.

Victoria needs a statewide population plan, and we need a statewide infrastructure plan that recognises the needs of our regional communities.