Media Release

06 January 2015

Message for Orthodox Christmas 2015 from the Victorian Opposition

The Honourable Matthew Guy, Victorian Leader of the Opposition, joins Inga Peulich, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, in extending their warmest greetings to Victorian Orthodox Christians, on the eve of Orthodox Christmas.

Many Orthodox communities around the world including thousands of Victorians from Russian, Ukrainian, Coptic and Serbian communities will attend church and celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

“We wish all Orthodox Christians a holy and peaceful Christmas celebration and hope that the message of unity, freedom and tolerance can heal rifts and help people and communities live in peace and harmony,” Inga Peulich said.

The Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy, of Ukrainian heritage, will be celebrating Orthodox Christmas tomorrow with his wife, three young sons and family.

“The key to peace and prosperity for all is the ability of all people from all backgrounds to live together, work together and to learn to solve problems and challenges together.

“Multicultural Victoria is a glowing example of how people from diverse backgrounds can enjoy peace, harmony, respect and freedoms as Australians.

Ms Peulich, whose husband and son are Orthodox Christians, will also be celebrating quietly at home with family and friends.