Media Release

14 September 2015

Wakeling: No new funding in Andrews’ education ‘announcement’

Monday 14 September 2015


No new funding in Andrews’ education ‘announcement’


The funding for the ‘Education State’ initiative is not new.

It was already announced in the May 2015 Budget.
Source: Budget Paper 3, Pp 47, 50.


Comments from Shadow Education Minister Nick Wakeling:

“By trying to pass this off as new money, Daniel Andrews gets an F for Fail for dishonesty here.

“This is not new or extra funding as Daniel Andrews falsely tried to claim. It was already announced as part of the last budget.

“A lot of the funding won’t kick in until 2019-20 which is at least a year after the next Victorian election. By then – many of today’s school kids will already have left school.”