Media Release

13 July 2016

O’Brien: Back to Work Closed For Business

Monday 11 July 2016

Back to Work closed for business

Labor’s failed ‘Back to Work’ scheme will be closed for business as of next Monday.

Under this secretive government, the closure announcement was nowhere to be found on the Premier’s website, but buried on the State Revenue Office website.

Despite promising to deliver 100,000 full-time jobs in Victoria within two years of coming to office, Daniel Andrews’ flagship jobs program has tanked.

On the Government’s own figures, fewer than 12,100 total positions have been supported.

After spending $40 million dollars of its pledged $100 million, the Back to Work scheme has closed its doors, leaving $60 million of unallocated funds.

Of the $40 million that has been spent, evidence has been provided to the Liberal Nationals Coalition that suggests serious rorting has occurred.

The Coalition has very real concerns about the eligibility and the accountability of these payments. We will be writing to the Auditor-General to seek a full investigation into where this money has gone and whether the scheme has met the probity standards Victorians should expect.

Under Daniel Andrews and his hapless Treasurer, Labor’s ‘Back to Work’ has proven to be a failure of public policy, a waste of public money and another broken promise to the people of Victoria.