Media Release

01 May 2017

O’Brien: Budget Surplus

Monday 1 May 2017

Budget Surplus

Daniel Andrews boasts about a budget surplus while making Victoria the highest taxed state in the nation.

This Premier just doesn’t get it. He is making life harder for Victorian families who already struggle to make ends meet.

Tomorrow’s budget will see new taxes on cars, land tax will rise and Labor will ensure that fire services levies and council rates go up by more every year.

Victorians know that Daniel Andrews has hiked taxes and charges but our state is less safe, our roads are more congested and public transport more crowded.

So where has the money gone? And why is our debt skyrocketing just a year after the Port of Melbourne was sold for nearly $10 billion?

Unless you are a Labor mate, you don’t see the benefit from a Daniel Andrews budget, just the bill.