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08 November 2016

O’Brien: Christmas Day Public Holiday

Monday 7 November 2016

Christmas Day Public Holiday

When it comes to public holidays in Victoria, Daniel Andrews and Labor are as consistent as weather vanes.

Before the last election Daniel Andrews preached about how public holidays were special and sacrosanct, saying about Easter Sunday:

“[It is] a special day for family, ought to be properly compensated for having to be away from their loved ones.”

Now the Andrews Government is saying that Christmas Day is not deserving of being declared a public holiday, only weeks after again declaring the day before the AFL Grand Final a public holiday.

Only Daniel Andrews would believe that the day before the AFL Grand Final is more of a ‘special day for family’ than is Christmas Day.

Victorians are tired of Daniel Andrews’ political games. He needs to decide a clear policy position on public holidays not just vacillate on public holidays from year to year.