Media Release

30 September 2015

O’Brien: Daniel Andrews’ back-flip on the Port of Melbourne sale

Wednesday 30 September 2015




The Victorian Government’s sale of the Port of Melbourne has now turned into a dog’s breakfast.

Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas have back-flipped on their regulatory regime but they still have not met the concerns of the ACCC.

The ACCC still says selling the Port as a monopoly is bad for business and bad for Victorians.

Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas have had their pants pulled down today by the ACCC. This is a huge embarrassment, and all the backflips in the world, all the last minute policy on the run changes can’t hide that basic fact.

Selling off the Port as a 50-70 year monopoly is just bad for Victorians and will cost jobs.

ACCC Chairman Rod Sims has sent a very clear message to the Government: if they try and bypass the Parliament, if they try and sell-off our port without parliamentary approval it will be under a huge legal cloud.

Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas are so desperate for money that they are prepared to sacrifice the interests of generations of Victorians for a quick dollar today. We have seen Labor do this before, they sacrificed future generations on the desalination plant, on myki, and they want to do it again with this port sale. The Coalition will stand up for Victorians today and tomorrow.