Media Release

26 August 2015

O’Brien: Daniel Andrews’ East West Link axing costs taxpayers another $30M

Wednesday 26 August 2015


Daniel Andrews’ East West Link axing costs taxpayers another $30M


According to leaked documents obtained by The Australian, Victorian taxpayers will pay another $30 million as a result of the scrapping of the East West Link project.

The costs are reported to be associated with the winding up of the Linking Melbourne Authority, which was managing the road infrastructure project.

The costs included funds for staff made redundant and other contractual arrangements.

In June 2015, the Victorian Auditor General announced that his office would investigate the total costs of the EWL project including financial implications from terminating the project.  Source:  VAGO Annual Plan 2015-16.

Comments from the Shadow Treasurer, Michael O’Brien

The cost of Daniel Andrews’ decision to scrap the East West Link is now nearing $1 billion with today’s revelation that another $30 million has been added to the cost.

Previous estimates put the decision to scrap the East West Link at around $800-$900 million which included property acquired to build the project.  A recent report indicated that none of those properties had been bought back.

This is a reckless waste of taxpayers’ money by Daniel Andrews who continues to dither and waste time when it comes to taking action to reduce congestion on Melbourne’s busy roads.

$30 million would have been better spent building two entire new schools rather than throwing it away as Daniel Andrews did.