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07 November 2018

O’Brien: Daniel Andrews’ latest new tax: $3,000 on every new apartment

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Daniel Andrews’ latest new tax: $3,000 on every new apartment

Labor government documents reveal Daniel Andrews’ latest tax hit: a $3,000 ‘Apartment Tax’ on Victorians buying new apartments in order to pay for his unfunded $56 billion infrastructure promises.

Daniel Andrews’ plan for an Apartment Tax is laid bare in modelling commissioned by his government.

“The rate would be applied to new residential apartments (at a flat rate of $3,000 per apartment).”

Source: Infrastructure Victoria, Value Capture – Options, Challenges and Opportunities for Victoria, page 35.

This $3,000 Apartment Tax is on top of Labor’s plans to make Victorians pay a tax on their family home of $435 per year, every year for thirty years – with no exemptions and no deferrals.

How are young Victorians ever meant to break into the housing market if Daniel Andrews is just going to make housing affordability worse with his new taxes?

You cannot trust Daniel Andrews when it comes to tax.

When Labor announced its $50 billion plus Suburban Rail Loop, it announced that “value capture opportunities will be required” to fund the project.

Value capture is simply Labor’s code for tax increases.

Yesterday, Daniel Andrews yet again refused to rule out more new taxes if he is re-elected.

There is a clear choice at this election: under the Liberals there will be tax cuts.

Under Labor there will be tax increases which have been confirmed by both Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas.