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04 November 2018

O’Brien: Daniel Andrews’ plan to introduce new hip pocket taxes

Sunday 4 November 2018

Daniel Andrews’ plan to introduce new hip pocket taxes

Daniel Andrews will introduce a raft of hip pocket taxes to pay for his unfunded infrastructure promises if he is successful at the election.

Launching his $50 billion plus “Suburban Rail Loop” on August 28 Mr Andrews said “…value capture opportunities” will be required to fund the project.

“Value capture” is just code for tax increases under Labor.

Several government reports spell out precisely what these taxes would be:

  • Payroll tax increases;
  • Vehicle registration increases;
  • Taxes on peoples’ homes.
  • Parking levies; and
  • Public transport tolls.

Daniel Andrews’ hand-picked advisers, Infrastructure Victoria, reveal that value capture taxes on residential properties would rise by $435 per year, every year for 30 years with no exemptions or deferrals.

His Treasurer, Tim Pallas, confirmed the introduction of new taxes when he said on September 19 that Labor “needed the flexibility” to adjust the tax regime.

In 2014 Daniel Andrews promised that there would be no new or increased taxes.

He lied and introduced nine new taxes and increased three others costing Victorian households $450 while driving up electricity bills by $450 and gas prices by $500.

Now, to pay for his unfunded promises, he will introduce even more hip pocket taxes that will be paid for straight out of the pockets of everyday Victorians.

Victorians are already reeling under the cost of Daniel Andrews’ broken promises on tax and his increases in electricity and gas prices.

You cannot trust Daniel Andrews when it comes to tax.

There is a clear choice at this election: under the Liberals there will be tax cuts.

Under Labor there will be tax increases that directly impact on the cost of living for every Victorian.

Daniel Andrews’ tax plan is spelled out in full at