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09 November 2018

O’Brien: Daniel Andrews’ plans to hit motorists in the hip pocket

Friday 9 November 2018

Daniel Andrews’ plans to hit motorists in the hip pocket

Daniel Andrews must explain to Victorians the tax increases he will impose on motorists to pay for his $56 billion in unfunded infrastructure promises.

When Daniel Andrews announced his unfunded Suburban Rail Loop, he said that “value capture opportunities will be required” to fund the project. Value capture is simply Labor’s code for new and increased taxes.

Government reports show that under the guise of ‘value capture’, Daniel Andrews will jack up taxes on motorists through higher car rego, increase road tolls and introduce new tolls on the Eastern Freeway to pay for the North East Link.

A government report makes clear that value capture can include “a levy or surcharge on registration fees… with the proceeds to be applied to relevant projects”.

(Source: Australian Government, Using value capture to help deliver major land transport infrastructure, page 17).

Daniel Andrews’ handpicked advisers at Infrastructure Victoria also speak of value capture mechanisms as “direct user charges and levies e.g. tolls, tickets and fees”.

(Source: Infrastructure Victoria, Value Capture – Options, Challenges and Opportunities for Victoria, page 17).

The Premier must answer the following questions before Victorians start voting on Monday.

  • By how much will Daniel Andrews increase car rego fees to pay for his $9.5 billion cost blow out in the North East Link?
  • How much will his tolls on the Eastern Freeway cost motorists?
  • What additional tolls will be required to pay for his unfunded infrastructure promises?

The Premier has form when it comes to new taxes on motorists. He increased stamp duty on new car purchases and introduced a new City Access Tax to pay for his West Gate Tunnel.

There is a clear choice at this election.

Under the Liberals, there will be tax cuts, no tolls on the Eastern Freeway and cuts to car registration fees of $295 for P-platers.

Under Labor, there will be new taxes, tolls on the Eastern Freeway and increases to car rego fees.

Victorians cannot afford another four years of Daniel Andrews.