Media Release

20 June 2017

O’Brien: Different issue but same political tactic from Daniel Andrews

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Different issue but same political tactic from Daniel Andrews

Just like his attempt to couple a cancer compensation bill with legislation to break-up the CFA, Daniel Andrews is coupling legislation to cut payroll tax with a bill to introduce some of his eleven new taxes.

Yet again, Daniel Andrews is trying to hold parliament to ransom over his political games.

Before the election Daniel Andrews promised no new taxes or tax increases.

Since then, Daniel Andrews has increased taxes by nearly $4 billion.  This is an increase in taxation revenue of over 20%.

The Liberal Nationals will work to separate Daniel Andrews’ tax increases from the proposed payroll tax cut.

Since the 2014 election, Daniel Andrews has increased taxes by an average of $2,000 for every Victorian household.

While Victorians are struggling with higher taxes, bigger electricity and gas bills, rising water costs and higher transport fares, Daniel Andrews is introducing new taxes and increasing existing taxes.

As Premier, Daniel Andrews has announced eleven new taxes:

  • $252 million energy tax on coal royalties
  • The taxi and Uber tax
  • Land tax surcharge for absentee owners introduced (0.5%) then increased to 1.5%
  • Stamp duty surcharge for foreign buyers introduced (3%) then increased to 7%
  • Fire Services Property Levy hiked
  • Increase in stamp duty on new cars
  • New stamp duties on off-the-plan purchases
  • New stamp duties on property transfers between spouses
  • New annual property valuations to increase land tax and council rates
  • New vacant residential land tax
  • Point of consumption wagering tax

While Victorians are struggling with cost of living pressures Daniel Andrews’ budget is taxing them more so he can go on a vote buying spree in next year’s election.

The Liberal Nationals will support measures to cut taxes but we will oppose Daniel Andrews’ new taxes which break his promise to Victorians and further increases the cost of living.