Media Release

13 November 2015

O’Brien: East West Link waste

Friday 13 November 2015


East West Link waste

Because of Daniel Andrews’ decision to tear up the East West Link contract and not build vital infrastructure, Victoria has lost at least $857 million that could have built new schools, trained additional police or funded our hospitals.

The $857 million Daniel Andrews has thrown away would have funded three new Monash Children’s Hospitals or 428 Ambulance Stations around the state.

With the money Labor has wasted we could have built a new rail line to Mernda and bought seven new high capacity trains to service it.

$857 million could have been spent opening 59 new police stations or over 650 combined CFA and SES hubs in regional Victoria.

Daniel Andrews keeps talking about education but with the money he lost we could have built 50 new secondary schools to service our growing communities.

Commuters stuck on train platforms could have had relief with 39 new trains on our network for the cost of not building this road.

Victorians have missed out because of Daniel Andrews’ East West Link waste.