Media Release

16 October 2018

O’Brien: Farce Rail

Tuesday 16 October 2018

Farce Rail

Two weeks ago, Labor attacked Matthew Guy’s fully funded plan for high speed regional rail throughout Victoria.

Today, Labor has announced a half-baked, panicked alternative with no money for construction for at least 4 years.

The choice could not be clearer. Under Labor, there will be 4 years of talking about high speed rail. Under the Liberal Nationals, there will be 4 years of building it.

This is a C grade plan by a D grade government with the only sure thing being a massive tax bill for Victorian families.

Labor’s proposal will be slower than the Liberal Nationals High Speed Rail plan, but more expensive and only serve two regional cities instead of every regional rail line.

It won’t work to decentralise our population, but it will hurt taxpayers.

This $21 billion promise is on top of the $80 billion promise to build a ring rail over the next 30-plus years.

Daniel Andrews and Labor’s out of control $100 billion spend-a-thon will cost Victorian taxpayers for decades to come.

Daniel Andrews has only put $400 million on the table for these $100 billion election promises. That’s a shortfall of $99.6 billion.

Make no mistake, Victorians are going to be smashed with higher taxes for the next 30 years under Labor.

Daniel Andrews and Labor have already lost control of the budget with 12 new or higher taxes in the last four years. Before the last election, Daniel Andrews promised he wouldn’t increase or introduce new taxes. He’s since broken that promise 12 times.

Victorians are already doing it tough with cost of living pressures and can’t afford even more new Labor taxes to pay for their reckless promises.

At this election, Victorians will have a choice of more taxes under Daniel Andrews and Labor or they can vote for a Liberal Nationals Government that will get back in control of the budget and the economy.