Media Release

24 November 2017

O’Brien-Hodgett: Road cost blowing out by $1 billion a month

Friday 24 November 2017

Road cost blowing out by $1 billion a month

Attributed to Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien:

Six months ago Daniel Andrews said the North East Link would cost $7 billion. Then he said it would be $10 billion, then $13 billion and today he says it’s going to cost $16.5 billion.

You couldn’t burn money this fast.

This is the biggest series of cost-blow outs in Victorian history – and all before a single shovel is in the ground.

The only way that Daniel Andrews could pay for the North East Link is to toll every motorist that uses the Eastern Freeway every day.

The Andrews Labor Government says it doesn’t “intend” to put tolls on the Eastern Freeway to help pay for the North East Link, but we’ve all seen this movie before.

Daniel Andrews didn’t “intend” to waste $1.3 billion in cancelling the East West Link, he didn’t “intend” to fund the Westgate Tunnel by extending tolls on CityLink and didn’t “intend” to impose Skyrail on suburbs across Melbourne.

There are only two certainties about today’s announcement by Daniel Andrews: the $16.5 billion cost will blow out yet again and the motorists of the Eastern Freeway will be tolled to pay for it.


Attributed to Shadow Minister for Roads David Hodgett:

Everyone agrees we need a North East Link route.  But you can’t build the North East Link without first building the East West Link.

According to Daniel Andrews, 130,000 cars will use the North East Link.  The majority of those cars will flow onto the Eastern Freeway which is already gridlocked at peak hours.

You can’t add an extra 130,000 cars onto the Eastern Freeway unless you have the East West Link to help keep the traffic flowing instead of being even more gridlocked.

This 130,000 car estimate from Daniel Andrews doesn’t appear to be factoring in the additional cars that will be on the roads after new housing developments are built from South Morang all the way to Wallan.  This growth area is going to see thousands more cars using the North East Link and then the Eastern Freeway as the shortest route to the CBD.

We announced our plan this week that will be delivered in a 10th of the time; at a 10th of the cost; moving traffic out of the area quicker, and we will Build the East West Link.

Daniel Andrews is being bloody minded by refusing to build the East West Link.