Media Release

20 April 2016

O’Brien: Infrastructure Victoria

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Infrastructure Victoria

The $10 million a year body set up by Daniel Andrews is ‘Infrastructure Victoria’ in name only.

Taxpayers are funding this $10 million a year agency to review just two projects.

Meanwhile Daniel Andrews has failed to put the following infrastructure projects to Infrastructure Victoria for assessment:

  • Metro Rail project
  • Western Distributor
  • Westgate Distributor
  • Sky Rail
  • Mernda Rail
  • Level crossing removals
  • East West Link
  • Second container port


Daniel Andrews promised an infrastructure watchdog but instead he’s given us an infrastructure lapdog.

Daniel Andrews is taking Victorians for mugs by establishing an infrastructure body but refusing to take advice from it on any projects.

It’s clear that the only reason Daniel Andrews set up this $10 million a year agency was to distract from his failure to have shovel-ready projects and his refusal to consult with Victorians.

Given Daniel Andrews calls for greater transparency on projects like the East West Link, his conduct now shows him to be a hypocrite of the first order.