Media Release

14 November 2018

O’Brien: Liberals Nationals to deliver local jobs for local projects in regional Victoria

Tuesday 13 November 2018

Liberals Nationals to deliver local jobs for local projects in regional Victoria

The Liberal Nationals will change government contracting to ensure that regional businesses get a fair go in bidding for regional projects. This will mean local jobs for local projects.

The Liberal Nationals will change government procurement policy and tender processes to encourage participation of local regional businesses in local projects.

Too often, small and medium size businesses in regional Victoria are locked out of government tenders, unable to bid against larger Melbourne based firms.

The Liberal Nationals will break down large regional infrastructure projects into smaller components, enabling regional business to tender in their own right, rather than just hope for subcontracting work.

A future Liberal Nationals government will also work with departments, local councils, chamber of commerce, regional business groups and small and medium size businesses to actively promote government tenders and work to educate businesses how to participate in bidding for large regional infrastructure projects.

Encouraging job growth in regional Victoria is the cornerstone of the Liberal Nationals plan to decentralise Victoria.

Victoria is growing at around 150,000 people a year, and most of that growth is occurring in Melbourne. Smaller towns in regional Victoria are experiencing declining population rates and businesses are unable to fill to vacancies they do have.

The Liberal Nationals are committed to creating a state of cities not a city state, but to achieve that we must grow the whole of Victoria.

The Liberal Nationals will get ahead of regional infrastructure by building a European style High Speed Rail through Victoria, building a Geelong metro and investing $1 billion into regional roads.

We will support existing regional business and encourage new business to regional Victoria by reducing payroll tax for eligible businesses to 1%.

Comments attributable to Shadow Treasurer, Michael O’Brien:

Our changes will mean more local knowledge on projects, more local jobs and more money spent in regional communities.

Daniel Andrews is a Melbourne-centric Premier who has ignored everything beyond the tram tracks.

The Liberal Nationals will get back in control of population growth and ahead of regional infrastructure, to ensure we grow all of Victoria.

Comments attributable to Liberal Member for South West Coast, Roma Britnell:

“I’m focused on government policies that help promote growth in our region and that incentivise people to come and live in South West Coast.

We have great jobs available here in the South West Coast, and a great lifestyle. But no one to fill them. We need to encourage growth down here in South West Coast and this policy will achieve that.”