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12 May 2017

O’Brien: Not “eleven new taxes” says Pallas, they are “changed choices”

Friday 12 May 2017

Not “eleven new taxes” says Pallas, they are “changed choices”

In PAEC today, Treasurer Tim Pallas attempted to spin his eleven new taxes as “changed choices”.

On the eve of the last election, Daniel Andrews told Channel 7’s Peter Mitchell that he promised Victorians there would be no new taxes and he wouldn’t increase existing taxes.

Since then Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas have introduced eleven new taxes on Victorians and increased taxation revenue by over 20%.

In response to a question about these new taxes, Tim Pallas responded: “Increased taxes are just changed choices that the government is making.”  This spin should hardly be surprising, it’s from the same Government that claims closed suburban police stations are actually “adjusted not closed” and Ministers who lie to Parliament merely “misspeak”.

Unfortunately for Victorian households, they have no choice about paying for Labor’s “changed choices”.

Tim Pallas and Daniel Andrews have introduced eleven new taxes:

  1. $252 million energy tax on coal royalties
  2. The taxi and Uber tax
  3. Land tax surcharge for absentee owners introduced (0.5%) then increased to 1.5%
  4. Stamp duty surcharge for foreign buyers introduced (3%) then increased to 7%
  5. Fire Services Property Levy hiked
  6. Increase in stamp duty on new cars
  7. New stamp duties on off-the-plan purchases
  8. New stamp duties on property transfers between spouses
  9. New annual property valuations to increase land tax and council rates
  10. The new ‘vacant house’ tax
  11. The new ‘point of consumption tax’ for on-line gambling

Daniel Andrews is not only the highest taxing Premier in Victoria’s history, he’s the highest taxing Premier in Australia.  And in spite of being the highest taxing state, with a $10 billion windfall from the Port of Melbourne lease, debt will increase by $10.8 billion – well above the level inherited from the Liberal Nationals.