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23 November 2018

O’Brien: Pallas again contradicts Andrews – this time on sewerage

Friday 23 November 2018

Pallas again contradicts Andrews – this time on sewerage

For the second time today, Labor’s bumbling Treasurer Tim Pallas has directly contradicted his leader.

Following his contradiction of Daniel Andrews’ promise of no new or increased taxes, the Treasurer has again undermined the Premier on the issue of asset recycling.

In attempting to run a pathetic scare campaign regarding the lease of sewerage assets, Tim Pallas must not have listened to Premier Daniel Andrews in the debate with Liberal Leader Matthew Guy on ABC Melbourne yesterday morning:

FAINE: Selling the sewerage farm for $5 billion.

GUY: Long term lease …

FAINE: … Long term lease, it’s effectively selling it.

FAINE: (To Andrews) also a good idea, you’ve sold everything else off except that?

ANDREWS: Our plans are not contingent on that but I’m happy to have a look at that.

FAINE: releases $5 billion worth.

ANDREWS: I’m happy to have a look at that if we’re re-elected but I do get a little worried when the Liberal Party talk about protecting customers, but not withstanding that but it’s something we’d have a look at yeah.

Daniel Andrews confirmed three times that the proposal is one that Labor itself will look at if re-elected.

Tim Pallas is a fraud.