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07 November 2018

O’Brien: Richard Wynne bells the cat on Labor’s new $3,000 apartment tax

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Richard Wynne bells the cat on Labor’s new $3,000 apartment tax

Planning Minister Richard Wynne has today let slip Labor’s tax plans to pay for their $56 billion in unfunded infrastructure promises.

He was asked four times by Jon Faine to rule out a tax of $3,000 on every new apartment and four times he failed to do so.

The Minister even went as far as explicitly refusing to deny the fact that Daniel Andrews has a plan for a new apartment tax.

FAINE: Infrastructure Victoria have released a discussion paper called ‘Value Capture’ and in there it says the rate would be applied to new residential apartments at a flat rate of $3,000 per apartment and they say ‘a ha’ – Labor Party’s secret apartment tax revealed. You’re not exactly denying it are you Minister?

WYNNE: Well I’m not denying it Jon.

This comes just a day after Daniel Andrews again refused to deny that he has a plan for more new taxes after the election and less than two months after Tim Pallas did the same.

Labor’s $3,000 apartment tax is in addition to their plans for a tax on the family home of $435 per year, every year for thirty years, with no exemptions and no deferrals.

Later this morning when asked by the media, Daniel Andrews said he has “no plans” for this new tax. Victorians remember that Daniel Andrews also said he had “no plans” for drug injecting rooms, then “no plans” for an Ice injecting room, and then “no plans” for euthanasia laws.

To Daniel Andrews “no plans” just means “I’ll do it after the election”.

Under Labor, whether you own a house or are buying an apartment, you will be hit by new taxes to pay for Daniel Andrews’ unfunded promises.

There is a clear choice at this election.

Under the Liberals, there will be tax cuts that help get back control of the cost of living.

Under Daniel Andrews and Labor, there will be new taxes that simply push up the cost of living.