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14 February 2018

O’Brien: Tim Pallas defends Transurban over super profits

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Tim Pallas defends Transurban over super profits

The Andrews Labor Government has swung in behind Transurban today, claiming that CityLink doesn’t make anywhere near ‘super profits’.

If Tim Pallas is so certain Transurban isn’t making ‘super profits’ he should have the courage to release the documentation that supports his claim.  Otherwise, it’s nothin’ but talk.

This is the same Labor Treasurer who once said cancelling the East West Link contract wouldn’t cost a single cent. $1.3 billion later, I’m sure he will understand that Victorians have some trust issues with what he says.

The only way to get to the truth is to conduct an audit to explore the early return of CityLink to Victorians under the Agreement for the Melbourne City Link if it is found that Transurban achieves super profits – an equity return of 17.5% per annum or greater.

Victorian motorists deserve the truth.