Media Release

30 April 2015

O’Brien: Western Distributor

Thursday 30 April 2015


Western Distributor

Why would motorists pay a toll to take Daniel Andrews’ Western Distributor toll road when they can take the West Gate Bridge for free?

Daniel Andrews is fond of talking about business cases and mandates.  For this project he has neither.

This project has never been to Infrastructure Australia and has been announced before the Government’s much-touted Infrastructure Victoria has even been established.

The one project Daniel Andrews did take to the election was the West Gate Distributor. Now he has scrapped it for an alternative at ten times the cost.

Melbourne’s south and eastern suburbs face paying extra tolls for at least the next 40 years for a road most will never see or use.

The Business Case for the EWL, which Daniel Andrews is also so fond of quoting from, warned on page 16 that building a western link without an eastern link “will be another freeway-standard road that comes to an end in the inner-city (similar to the current Eastern Freeway), potentially generating further congestion while still not offering a cross city alternative to the M1 corridor”.

Daniel Andrews’ Western Distributor toll road appears to be building another freeway that ends in a T-intersection, like the Eastern Freeway.  This is a southbound crossing only, with no northbound airport access and could make traffic on the Bolte Bridge far worse.

The entire budget delivered next week will have a massive asterisk next to it because Daniel Andrews cannot say if this project will go ahead and how much it will cost Victorian taxpayers.