Media Release

26 July 2017

O’Donohue: A justice system in crisis under Daniel Andrews

Wednesday 26 July 2017

A justice system in crisis under Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews has lost control with every aspect of the justice system in crisis and he has neither the plans or the will to fix it.

Just today it’s been revealed the cost of fixing the Metropolitan Remand Centre trashed following the 2015 prisoner riot will exceed $100M, there’s been a terrifying carjacking in Williamstown and now, three prisoners have escaped from the Beechworth Prison and remain on the run.

Under Daniel Andrews, we’ve had four part time Corrections Ministers in the last 18 months who simply aren’t up to the job.

Under Daniel Andrews the number of prisoner escapes is up, reoffending is up and we have a justice system that fails to deter or rehabilitate criminals.

All three escapees have convictions for a range of offences, Corrections Minister Gail Tierney must answer what screening and assessment process was undertaken prior to these criminals being transferred to a minimum security prison.