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18 November 2016

O’Donohue: Andrews and Mikakos hapless on law and order

Thursday 17 November 2016

Andrews and Mikakos hapless on law and order

After the Moomba riots, a hairy-chested Daniel Andrews vowed to “smash” the Apex gang.  Since then, the only thing that has been smashed is the Parkville Youth Justice Centre.

The Premier isn’t the only one who has been exposed as clueless and hapless on the crime tsunami engulfing Victoria.  A few weeks ago Minister Mikakos hit out at the Liberal Nationals for raising the prospect of a juvenile Super Max for violent youth offenders, claiming it was a like putting them in “Don Dale”.

But due to the minister’s incompetent management of youth justice centres, there have been over 20 riots the last of which at Parkville has all but destroyed the facility costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

This is a hopeless minister in a hapless government.

Now we have this panicked, knee-jerk response from Daniel Andrews which will put juveniles into Grevillea at Barwon which will increase pressure on the maximum security estate, already down by 200 beds due to the MRC riot.

There will be other consequences because of the Andrews Government’s ham-fisted incompetence.  Fewer maximum security front end prison beds means more prisoners in police cells and more prisoners not being presented to court.

The next time Daniel Andrews talks a big game on law and order, Victorians will judge him on his record and remember that what he promises and what he delivers are two very different things.