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10 January 2018

O’Donohue: Community taskforce is just one step

Wednesday 10 January 2018

Community taskforce is just one step

Today’s announcement from Police Commissioner, Graham Ashton, is just one step in a long line of measures needed to fix Victoria’s mounting gang crisis.

While the Liberal Nationals welcome this taskforce as a constructive step, it must not become a vehicle for government to excuse violence by thugs prepared to terrorise Victorians with machetes, guns or other dangerous weapons.

Melburnians have woken up this morning to reports that two more petrol stations have been violently ransacked overnight and their attendants assaulted.

Genuine engagement with communities to discuss this gang crisis is important, but this will not fix the immediate threat facing the community.

Daniel Andrews needs to recall Parliament and consider changes to fix our broken bail system, soft sentencing laws and ineffective anti-gang laws.