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09 August 2018

O’Donohue: Labor can’t get their story straight v2

Thursday 9 August 2018

Labor can’t get their story straight v2

Corrections Minister Gayle Tierney in question time again demonstrated why the prison system is in such crisis.

When asked whether the Member for Eltham, Vicki Ward had raised the concerns on behalf of the Cronin family that their sons’ one punch killer, Andrew Lee, had been participating in the prison secondary school legal studies program, Minister Tierney said “there were rumours circulating some months ago” and that she had investigated those rumours.

But in a subsequent answer the Minister said “I did not know he was involved in the program until this week”.

Which one is it, Minister? Have you known about killer Andrew Lee’s involvement for months or have you only just found out?

And despite being directly asked, the Minister failed to answer whether Vicki Ward had ever raised it with her.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Corrections, Edward O’Donohue:

“Victims of crime and their families deserve better than Gayle Tierney and her incompetence.

The Andrews Labor Government treats victims of crime as an afterthought and the Minister can’t even get her answers straight from question to question.”