Media Release

07 August 2018

O’Donohue: Liberal Nationals will change the prisoner release rules

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Liberal Nationals will change the prisoner release rules

Community sport is not the place for violent prisoners on day release to test their progress on rehabilitation.

Every weekend, hundreds of thousands of Victorians play competitive sport with their mates for exercise and enjoyment and they should not have to worry about being violently attacked by someone with a record of violence.

The Liberal Nationals believe there should be a presumption of prison for prisoners.

A Liberal Nationals Government will commission a full independent review of the Corrections Victoria prisoner day release program with a focus on improving community safety.

A particular focus of the review will be placed on prisoner supervision while on release and on how victims and their families are currently not notified of prisoner day releases.

The review will investigate and recommend what measures can be implemented to improve community safety and ensure that victims are pre-warned and notified of any scheduled prisoner releases.

There must be extraordinary and exceptional circumstances before prisoners with a record of this sort of violence can be given day release to play contact sport.