Media Release

22 June 2016

O’Donohue: Malvern car-jackings

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Malvern car-jackings

Two violent car-jackings in just 24 hours in the suburb of Malvern is more evidence of the crime wave that is sweeping across Victoria because of Daniel Andrews’ cuts to police resources and a soft approach to justice.

It was confirmed today that police have been forced to close the counter at Malvern’s 24-hour police station overnight at times without the resources to staff the inner-city station.

Police have advised that if someone believes they are in the process of being car-jacked they should drive immediately to the nearest police station.

In both these instances of car-jackings, the victims may not have had the option to drive to an open Malvern police station when it became clear they were being targeted.

The fact is, the rise of the Apex Gang and cuts to police services is making Victorians feel unsafe.

Daniel Andrews needs to spend less time fighting the CFA and more time fighting the Apex Gang.