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05 March 2018

O’Donohue: More cops won’t fix broken laws

Monday 5 March 2018

More cops won’t fix broken laws

It’s not enough just to deploy more police when Daniel Andrews fails to back them with the laws to keep violent offenders locked away.

Chief Commissioner of Police Graham Ashton said:

“Certain kids get out of custody and they’re back into offending. We’ve got a core group of offenders that we have to work on all the time and when they’re not in custody they’re offending.” (27 February 2018, Press Conference)

That is why a Liberal Nationals Government led by Matthew Guy would introduce the toughest mandatory sentencing and bail laws in Australia.

Under Daniel Andrews, Victoria has been well behind in deployment of police. Daniel Andrews’ decision to cut police training saw the Police Academy turn from a hub of activity between 2011-2014, to a ghost town in 2015 and 2016.

The former Liberal Nationals Government was able to deliver 1900 extra police and 950 PSOs over four years. Daniel Andrews is well behind despite massive population growth and an ongoing serious crime wave.

Following the cuts by Daniel Andrews, there will be fewer police in the Ballarat PSA than late 2014 and despite being one of the fastest growing regions of Victoria, the Casey PSA isn’t receiving any extra police. With the three Casey police stations  already operating at capacity, Daniel Andrews should immediately match the Matthew Guy commitment to build a new police station in Clyde North.