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16 November 2017

O’Donohue: More sex offenders out on our streets under Daniel Andrews

Thursday 16 November 2017

More sex offenders out on our streets under Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews and his fourth failed Corrections Minister are asleep at the wheel while the most serious sex offenders living in the community continue to reoffend and breach their orders.

Despite promise after promise from Daniel Andrews to get tough with serious sex offenders following the tragic murder of Masa Vukotic, the release of the Office of Public Prosecutions Annual Report today reveals that the number of court hearings for supervision order breaches has increased yet again.

When asked in Question Time how many of these breaches have resulted in findings of guilt by the Court, Corrections Minister Gayle Tierney didn’t know.

Under Daniel Andrews the number of high risk offenders remaining in the community on a CCO, rather than jail, has reached a new record and will exceed 3,500.

Yet again the Andrews Government appears distracted within internal fighting and pre-selection battles while the safety of Victorians continues to be put at risk.


Breaches of supervision orders by the most serious and dangerous sex offenders in our community: (from OPP Annual Reports)

2012/13 – 2

2013/14 – 12

2014/15 – 19

2015/16 – 40

2016/17 – 44