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27 April 2017

O’Donohue: Premier’s shameless police stunt

Thursday 27 April 2017

Premier’s shameless police stunt

Daniel Andrews is more focussed on the media cycle than actually protecting Victorians.

Today, the Premier held a press conference to announce new police recruits would graduate tomorrow; he couldn’t even wait 24 hours.

Daniel Andrews also failed to mention that he’s over 100 officers short of his promised target. Yet another broken promise by this divisive Premier.

The Andrews Labor Government is shameless of the fact that it has slashed police numbers per capita over the last two years and is only now playing catch-up.

Under Daniel Andrews Victoria is engulfed by a crime tsunami which has left Victorians, according to his own Police Minister, afraid in their own homes.

If Daniel Andrews really cared he wouldn’t have slashed police numbers per capita, closed police stations and weakened the justice system.

To fix this mess the Premier has created, the Liberal Nationals are proposing the toughest sentencing and bail reforms in Australia’s history, because our focus is on making Victoria safe again.