Media Release

21 December 2015

O’Donohue: Prison Riot Report

Monday 21 December 2015


Prison Riot Report

The release of the report into the Metropolitan Remand Centre (MRC) riot today highlights:

  • Following protests in the days before the riot, prisoners wrote to authorities warning them of further protests but no action was taken
  • The repair bill for the riot was $10-12 million
  • $52 million in funding for other important prison infrastructure projects will not take place as funds will be diverted to the MRC


Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Corrections Edward O’Donohue:

Daniel Andrews and his Corrections Minister were asleep at the wheel.

The Minister had seven months to implement this ban, yet unlike New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory who successfully implemented bans, he dropped the ball.

Despite warnings in the days leading up to the riot, Daniel Andrews failed to act.

Daniel Andrews should call the Minister in and tell him to lift his game.