Media Release

23 May 2017

O’Donohue: PSO announcement

Tuesday 23 May 2017

PSO announcement

In an acknowledgement of the crime tsunami sweeping across Victoria, the Andrews Government has today announced more powers for PSOs and a PSO flying squad.

This is an announcement Daniel Andrews should have made in May 2015 not in May 2017.

These are the same PSOs that James Merlino once called “plastic police” but has never apologised for the slur aimed at people who serve to protect us.

The Andrews Government can’t have it both ways – the PSOs are either doing a good job or are really “plastic police” as the Deputy Premier believes.

PSO numbers have fallen by 33 since December last year and many train stations remain without protection on the night network timetable. This puts thousands of passengers at risk even though before the election Daniel Andrews said that his costings for his night network timetable included security from PSOs.

The announcement today comes two and a half years after the Coalition promised a PSO flying squad, yet another example of the lost years under Daniel Andrews, asleep at the wheel while crime spirals out of control.