Media Release

20 October 2018

O’Donohue: PTSD support for retired police

Saturday 20 October 2018

PTSD support for retired police

Daniel Andrews has lost control of population and as a result crime has never been worse.

Our hardworking police are having to deal with the consequences of this crime wave.

PTSD and other mental health issues are unfortunately all too prevalent amongst our retired police men and women.

That is why a Liberal Nationals Government will provide $1 million over four years to the Retired Police Association of Victoria for the expansion of peer support programs for former members with PTSD.

PTSD is a significant and growing mental health and wellbeing issue for current and former Victoria Police members.

It is estimated that about 10 per cent of current emergency service workers, including police have PTSD, the rate is even higher if you consider retired emergency service workers and police.

Victorian Police Association Secretary, Wayne Gatt has been quoted as saying that police are between four to six times more likely to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder than the general public.

We need to get tough on crime and also invest in looking after our hardworking police officers, even after they retire.

That is why Matthew Guy has a comprehensive plan to get back in control of crime with tough mandatory sentencing while investing in the PTSD support our retired police need.