Media Release

28 October 2016

O’Donohue: Ted and Patch the least of Herbert’s problems

Thursday 27 October 2016

Ted and Patch the least of Herbert’s problems

While Daniel Andrews and his Corrections Minister are focused on Ted and Patch, the crisis in the Victorian Corrections system continues.

From the prisoner strike at Barwon Prison, to the first escape from a walled prison since 2001 and recent vicious attacks on hard working prison officers, the lawlessness in the prison system goes on.

The flood of drugs, weapons and other contraband in the prisons is giving rise to further criminal behaviour while the cost blow outs and delays in repairing the Metropolitan Remand Centre, following the worst prison riot in Victoria’s history, has seen police cells overflowing with prisoners taking already stretched police from the beat to babysit prisoners.

Perhaps even worse, the failure of Steve Herbert to ensure that prisoners are presented to court in accordance with a court order is delaying justice for victims of crime and wasting tens of thousands of tax payer dollars.

Only two of thirty five recommendations of the Harper Review, following the murder of Masa Vukotic, have been implemented, despite the Report being with the Andrews Government for nearly a year. Implementing these recommendations should be the first, second and third priorities of the Corrections Minister, not the whereabouts of his dogs.