Media Release

08 November 2016

O’Donohue: Time for action from Daniel Andrews on No Body No Parole

Tuesday 8 November 201

Time for action from Daniel Andrews on No Body No Parole 


In February 2016, the Victorian Liberal Nationals took action to stop convicted killers from receiving parole if they refuse to assist in revealing the location or last known location, of the body of a victim.

On behalf of the Liberal Nationals, Shadow Minister for Community Safety, Corrections and Police Edward O’Donohue introduced a Private Member’s Bill into the Parliament to implement the change.

Under the Corrections Amendment (No body, no parole) Bill 2016, a person convicted of murder or conspiracy to commit murder who refuses to provide police with the location of the body of their victim will be unable to qualify for parole.

In August 2016, after the No Body, No Parole Bill passed Parliament’s Upper House with the support of six political parties, the Andrews Government voted against the legislation, not even allowing debate on it.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Community Safety, Corrections and Police, Edward O’Donohue:

Parole is a privilege, not a right and when convicted murders refuse to show any contrition and keep secret what they have done to their victims, they should not be paroled if they can’t pass this basic test of human decency.

The Liberal Nationals welcome Daniel Andrews’ belated decision to now accept the need for its No Body, No Parole legislation.

The Andrews Government must now make sure No Body, No Parole becomes law before the end of 2016 and not extend the trauma of victims’ families any longer.