Media Release

15 March 2018

O’Donohue: Victoria still the violent crime capital of Australia

Thursday 15 March 2018

Victoria still the violent crime capital of Australia

Under Daniel Andrews, Victorians are more at risk of becoming victims of violent crime.

Today’s crime statistics show that Victorians are less safe today than they were three years ago.

While Victorians are less safe with increases in numbers of violent crimes, NSW is experiencing dramatic declines in crime rates.

Under Daniel Andrews, murder rates are up in Victoria while in NSW over the same period they have decreased 44.2%. Also in NSW over the same time frame, break and enter offences are down 17.8% and robberies are down 29.1%.

In the year to December 2014 recorded offences were 459,264.

The year to December 2017 shows the number of recorded offences is 504,070.

In the last three years there has been a 47.8% increase in aggravated residential burglaries and a 29.6% increase in aggravated robberies.

Over the same period, motor vehicle thefts are up 10.3%, rape is up 16.5% and sexual offences have increased by 28.3%.

For the last 12 months, attempted murder is up 51.9% and sexual offences have increased by 15.9%.

These aren’t just statistics or numbers on a sheet. Every single one of these 504,070 offences represents people whose safety and security have been violated. That’s hundreds of thousands of Victorians plus their family and friends who have been left to deal with the distress of being victims of crime.

The Liberal Nationals are offering a clear choice at the next election while Daniel Andrews is offering more of the same.

The Liberal Nationals have a plan that includes introducing mandatory minimum sentences, abolishing concurrent sentences for violent offenders on bail and parole, a three point plan to toughen bail and a Sex Offenders Public Register. The Liberal Nationals plan also includes more police and re-opening the police stations that Daniel Andrews closed.

Daniel Andrews has had three years to fix our justice system but all he is offering is more excuses and spin.