Media Release

03 April 2017

O’Donohue: Victoria – the crime capital of Australia

Monday 3 April 2017

Victoria – the crime capital of Australia

Victoria under Daniel Andrews is now the undisputed crime capital of Australia with figures released today showing the 2016 crime rates in NSW increased by less than half of one per cent.

For the year 2016, crime rates in Victoria increased by 10.2% compared to NSW crime rates which increased by just 0.41%.

In some of the most serious crime categories, NSW rates declined – robberies decreased by 13.19%; theft offences were down 1.84%; and break and enters fell by 5.03%.

Under two years of Daniel Andrews, crime in Victoria is up 20.17% but in the same time frame in NSW, crime is up only 5.8%.

These figures are a damning indictment on Daniel Andrews and his soft touch on law and order.

Daniel Andrews has no one to blame but himself. His government weakened sentencing and bail laws, allowed our police numbers to decline and they closed police stations around the state.

That’s why the Liberal Nationals have announced that we will repeal Labor’s watering down of youth bail laws passed in 2016; we will establish a ‘one strike and you’re out’ rule for any Bail breaches as well as establishing a bail system that has the presumption of remand for violent offenders because bail is a privilege, not a right.

Only a Liberal National Government will put law and order as the top priority for government in Victoria.