Media Release

14 June 2018

O’Donohue: Victorian Crime Statistics

Thursday 14 June 2018

Victorian Crime Statistics

While Daniel Andrews keeps on spinning about crime statistics, Victorians are less safe under his government.

Today’s crime statistics show that since Daniel Andrews has been Premier, total crime including assaults and other violent offences are up 9.5%.

Under Daniel Andrews, there has been an increase in home invasions, an increase in carjackings, an increase in assaults, an increase in youth gang violence and an increase in the number of his excuses.

In the nearly four years of the Andrews Government, attempted murder and manslaughter is up 42%, burglary and break and enter is up 33% and assaults are up 17.2%.

The numbers don’t lie, even if Daniel Andrews does.

While Victorians are less safe with increases in numbers of violent crimes, NSW is experiencing dramatic declines in crime rates.

In the nearly four years since Daniel Andrews was elected, Victoria’s murder rate is up 6.9% while in NSW it has decreased by 41.8%. In Victoria in the category of motor vehicle theft, figures are up 7.6% while in NSW it has fallen by 12.8%. Robberies in Victoria are up 33% but over the same period in NSW it is down 27.5%.

Daniel Andrews can keep on spinning all he likes, but only Matthew Guy and the Liberal Nationals are offering real action.

The Liberal Nationals have a clear plan to make Victoria safe:

  • More police on the beat;
  • Re-open the police stations Daniel Andrews closed;
  • Mandatory sentencing for repeat violent offenders;
  • A public sex offenders register for the ‘worst of the worst’;
  • Changes to concurrent sentences;
  • Tougher conditions for bail;
  • Ensuring that parole is a privilege and not a right and giving victims a seat at the table in parole decision making; and
  • Putting the interests of victims of crime at the centre of the justice system.

At the next election Victorians will have a clear choice between more of the same soft approach from Daniel Andrews or the Liberal Nationals plan for mandatory minimum sentences, more police on the beat, a public sex offenders register and tougher parole and bail laws.