Media Release

14 July 2016

O’Donohue: Victorian families living in fear under Daniel Andrews

Thursday 14 July 2016

Victorian families are living in fear under Daniel Andrews

The release of the ABS’ victim of crime statistics shows that crime is out of control in Victoria under Daniel Andrews.

Under Daniel Andrews’ watch, in just one year armed robberies have gone up 14%. And robberies of people’s homes are up 44%.

Despite this shocking crime wave, Daniel Andrews has allowed police stations to close and the number of front line police at stations to be cut.

Shadow Minister for Police Ed O’Donohue visited the Point Cook Residents Association to hear first-hand the concerns of residents following several home invasions that have left them living in fear.

Victorians are too afraid to drive alone at night, arming themselves with cricket bats, and considering forming vigilante groups because there are not enough police to protect them.

Victorians have a right to feel safe in their homes and on our streets. Daniel Andrews’ cuts to police resources and a soft approach to justice are endangering families.