Media Release

23 March 2017

O’Donohue: Andrews Government focused on “love and care” for criminals

Thursday 23 March 2017
Andrews Government focused on “love and care” for criminals
Yesterday in Question Time the fourth Corrections Minister in the last 15 months, Gayle Tierney demonstrated yet again why the justice system in Victoria is broken.
When asked about the potential risk of having the new Ravenhall Prison hold 500 remand prisoners, she responded “I think if it could not be done, then we have been told that it could not be done.” Who is in charge?
Later when asked about prisoner programs and management, Daniel Andrews’ Minister said “I am very concerned to see that we demonstrate great love and care for those (prisoners) that are in our care…”
Despite an extra 93000 crimes being committed a year under Daniel Andrews, leaving families broken and people afraid in their homes, the Corrections Minister is more focused on “love and care” for prisoners than holding these criminals to account and helping the tens of thousands of victims of crime left behind by the crime tsunami that Daniel Andrews is incapable of addressing.
There are reports today of two prisoners being stabbed in a serious incident involving several prisoners, yet more evidence that Daniel Andrews and Gayle Tierney don’t have the will or resolve to stop the lawlessness on our streets and in our prisons.
The Corrections system has seen prisoner go on strike over their pay, the first escape from a walled prison since 2001, a system awash with drugs and contraband, prisoners not being presented to court because of overcrowded police cells and the worst prison riot in Victoria’s history.
The first three Corrections Ministers under Daniel Andrews were failures and it is now clear that the fourth is too.